Excerpt from Alec Baldwin’s new book

An excerpt from Alec Baldwin’s new book “A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce” can be found here at ABC.


3 Responses to Excerpt from Alec Baldwin’s new book

  1. Dear Alec,

    Thank you for coming out with the truth of your separation.

    Millions of men are being torn apart by the loss of contact of their children, livelihood, and dignity.

    Men are no longer are allowed to have any dignity.

    I am a survivor too, and I am told to keep quiet about my pain by my lawyers and personal councilor.

    If I speak about my anguish to friends and family, I am humiliated not by them but even to have to explain myself why I feel what I am going through.

    My story is being healed by hearing your forwardness.

    Thanks Alec.

    Wish you and your family well, a happy healthy New Year

  2. Thanks for your forwardness, and personal thoughts MR. Baldwin.

    I wish you many years of joy with your daughter.

    Mr. Abbou

  3. Edward says:

    Did the Jonathan Ames letter come yet? I signed up in January and that i seriously seriously hope I didn’t skip it. Is there a way I can read through it if it did already come?

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