My name is Steve. I am a college professor in Nevada. I started this blog primarily to provide information to men seeking information about divorce. Having gone through the divorce wringer for the past three years, I was shocked by the lack of information available for men to make rational decisions about legal strategies. 

 There is so much political correctness and self-interest that it is very difficult to tell from the outside looking in how the system works (even for a relatively self-sufficient person like myself). This blog is one solution to this information vacuum.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide direct legal advice (that would be practicing law without a license). My solution is to give a blow-by-blow account of what I learned about the legal system and divorce industry in my three year struggle and give my personal opinion of what I did right and wrong during that time. Hopefully, this will help those following in my footsteps.

 My approach is make a series that roughly chronicles my three year odyssey. I would encourage readers to comment and add to my insights and point out my oversights. I look forward to the journey.


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  1. twobuyfour says:

    I am a father of two who has been divorced for about three years, as well. I too was amazed at the lack of information and rescources available to a working-class man trying to have a fair and respectful divorce.

    I ended up with a pretty fair deal, being awarded visitation 2 out of 3 weekends, plus one day per workweek, and half of all holidays / vacations.

    Unfortunatey, as time has gone on, my ex has learned that if she does not let the kids come see me, there is almost nothing I can do about it. My lawyer tells me that it’s a very expensive, time consuming process to challenge her for custody, with no gaurantee of winning.

    Worst of all, after three years of their mother trash-talking me I’ve started seeing signs in the kids of mental anguish at being in the middle. In other words, if I continue to fight for me rights and my children, I make life more mserable for them and more expensive for me.

    Any suggestions?

    • shaun says:

      Fight with all your might! The mother is the abuser not you! and if you want any good to come of this you need to fight like hell. If your ex isn’t fair minded than neither should you be. the fairer you are the more you and your kids are gonna get screwed. every time she steps out of line you need to file a motion to have her found in contempt of court if you dont this will hurt you and your kids later on done the road. If she wants war than give her war and take it nuclear. If she is bashing you to your kids that is psychological abuse and you are going to have to take her out. just make sure that you focus on your interactions with your children and that you aren’t doing the same as her. If you don’t take a stand you can’t advocate your children. don’t plan on winning right away neither the system is set againgst you. plan on an uphill battle and educate yourself on the law instead of hiring lawyers, as most are useless, aside from taking your money.

  2. Domingo says:

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