More lawyers, more divorce laws

Hans Bader has made an interesting link between the number of lawyers and lawyer-intensive divorce laws in this article.

The head of the Virginia bar association is concerned because Virginia, which once had the highest percentage of lawyer-legislators in America, now ranks behind New York and Massachusetts and on par with New Jersey. Although I am a lawyer myself, I view this as cause for celebration, because the more lawyers are in a state legislature, the more unfair a state’s divorce laws tend to be, and the more anti-business they tend to be. The states with the weirdest, most lawyer-intensive divorce laws are New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts — states with lawyer-heavy legislatures. (Given the ideology of my classmates at Harvard Law School, this doesn’t surprise me).

Hans goes on to explore many freakish or bizarre cases that invite on-going litigation in a number of lawyer-heavy states.


6 Responses to More lawyers, more divorce laws

  1. Stacy says:

    As I was reading this article, all I could think about is the “potential” income of my husband’s ex-wife, who is degreed. My husband holds no degrees, and she hasn’t worked in at least a year. She knows exactly how to work the system, as long as she’s not working, her child support can not be lowered. I bet you a million dollars, in 3 years, when “her” child support disappears, she’s going to work her ass off! I need anger management after dealing with the primitive family courts in this stupid country! Thanks for the article, it was very insightful.

  2. Dean McAdams says:

    Hans you are a genius! Excellent article and thank God for the State of California Summary Dissolution of Marriage.

  3.’s really a great post. I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing this type of post with us.

  4. Annetta says:

    You’ve got a lovely portrait of Rebecca Van Dyck. From a Levi’s Director of Marketing to Head of Marketing, Facebook, this lady need to be a marketing genius.

  5. Jordan says:

    When should I expect my first letter?

  6. More lawyers, more divorce laws | Anatomy of a Divorce

    […]Even the best mistake with the divorce or custody course of can have some critical ramifications.[…]

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