Excerpt from Alec Baldwin’s new book

September 20, 2008

An excerpt from Alec Baldwin’s new book “A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce” can be found here at ABC.


Kudos to Alec Baldwin

September 20, 2008

…for a wonderful interview on 20/20 last night (click here for link to story).

I was particularly impressed by three aspects of the interview:

1) The way that Alec dodged traps (by explicitly stating that he does not support abusers or deadbeat dads for instance) and by calling out Diane Sawyer several times on her attitude “What, you don’t believe what I saying?”  (about judges being corrupt and inefficient).

2) Alec also apparently took time outs when he began to get heated in the interview (and what was up with the hot room – was it premeditated to make him look flustered and “hot under the collar”?)

3) How he managed to slip sound bites into the interview (like judges in the divorce industry being like pit bosses at a Vegas casino keeping people at the tables). The latter point echoing many of the same observations I have made on this blog (here and here for instance).  

I think he has also done great service in bringing the debate on parental alienation into the public spotlight. I am looking forward to purchasing a copy of Alec’s book when it is released on Tuesday.

Sad but true…

March 4, 2008

A reality check from Lisa Scott’s Real Family Law website:


Adapted from Presentation Given by Lisa Scott at the Father’s Rights Seminar, Sponsored by FR Investigations, August 4, 2004, Auburn, WashingtonEven though this talk is directed mostly at men, everything that can happen to a man in this system can happen to a woman. Women should not be complacent, or even gleeful, when these things happen to men, because they could be the next to be falsely accused, suffering criminal arrest, incarceration, removal from home and denial of access to children.

Women should not make men the enemy, any more than men should make women the enemy. Women should stop and think, how would I react if I was taken away from my children and told I should be happy to get to be with them every other weekend?

Repeated studies show that children of divorce are most damaged by high conflict between their parents. If parents would just call a truce and agree to do what’s best for their children, there would be a lot less fighting. Unfortunately, the system tends to encourage custody battles, because the winner not only gets the kids, but usually the house, and of course child support. Plus, the parent who has the children most of the time has the most control over what happens to them. As long as the winner is rewarded with the goodies, there will continue to be wars fought over the children.

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Part 1. Marriage Therapy

November 12, 2007

As my marriage started to head south in 2004, I did what many people try to do and sought a marriage therapist.  All in all I think I went through about five or six different therapists, a bunch of books, online sites and forums.
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