Can a man file a protection order?

The short answer is YES – the law applies equally to men and women. The exact law relating to protection orders in Nevada can be found in my post here.

The bottom line is:

“if you hurt someone or threaten to hurt someone via actions or words (so that they had a reasonable fear of the threat being carried out) then you are guilty of domestic violence…Naturally, any case will be strengthened if there is more evidence than he said/she said testimony. Medical records, police reports, a criminal record, and witnesses all strengthen a case.”

A good rule of thumb is that if it comes down to “he said/she said” you will most likely lose – perhaps even finding that SHE gets a protection order awarded against YOU. At the very least, you should fully expect her to claim that YOU assaulted her (and self-inflicted wounds are not uncommon). This post is highly recommended to give you the correct state of mind on these matters. Good luck!


One Response to Can a man file a protection order?

  1. nina says:

    I won join custody of my little girl even though his attorney tried to make me seem mentally unstable. She even took me infront of the evidance commissioner to get fined $1500.00 for not having been provided my medical records in time although I still had 5 days left. Now it’s divorce time and his attorney again is asking for the medical records and told me that she’ll bring me infront of the commissioner if I don’t comply by this friday although the exchance of evidance isn’t scheduled till aug 15th. I’m fearful cause I represent myself and don’t have money to give away. please advise me.she expects to have the records in her hands this friday. how is that possible.

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