The Parenting Coordinator

I just discovered (through personal experience) that Nevada can refer “high conflict” parenting cases to a “parenting coordinator” (also called a friend of the court or family court advisor in other jurisdictions).

A parenting coordinator is a licensed family therapist whose duties are to: 1) educate parents on communication and the damage that conflict does to children, 2) monitor compliance with custody agreements and 3) arbitrate disputes. The latter is the most controversial. The parenting coordinator will listen to both sides of the case and then make recommendations for resolving issues. However, unlike traditional therapy, these recommendations are passed on to the court – they are not privileged or confidential. The parents are also asked to sign an agreement to be bound by the coordinator’s recommendations unless they are over-turned by the court.

At $150 an hour (split 50:50 by the parties) the use of a parenting coordinator is considerably cheaper than using lawyers for litigation in court. It also frees up the court’s time that would otherwise be spent on relatively trivial issues.

As I approach my first parenting coordinator (PC) experience I am cautiously optimistic. The PC will have more time to listen to both sides of the case (unlike the judge) and will hopefully call my ex-wife on some of her destructive behavior. I will reserve my doubts until I can report back later on the experience.


6 Responses to The Parenting Coordinator

  1. twobuyfour says:

    This seems like a great idea. Is a PC only called into play when the judge orders it, or can one party or other request one? I wish you the best of luck.

  2. stevphel says:

    Both parties can voluntarily agree to use a PC but on a court ordered referral the judge also gets to see the recommendations and can enforce them.

  3. Cassie says:

    I Agree with , Judge Mathew Harter Dept N is PROVEN 100% CORRUPT – Judicial EXTORTION , Harter Takes Children Away from there Families ! , You get Stripped of your Paramount Parental Rights WITHOUT an EVIDENTIARY HEARING – TRIAL , Just Because You Cannot Afford his Unlicensed, UnRegulated , Judicial Henchmen . Judge Harter Should NOT be Reallected . Judge Harter is a TERRIBLE JUDGE and Needs to Resign, before he destorys the Judicial System! If you or someone you know has been VICTIM of Judicial Extortion- Corruption by a Parent Coordinator – Special Master Here in Las Vegas , Nevada , Family Court, las vegas , Please contact, they can HELP!!! :

  4. Dude from LV says:

    my PC has helped me out quite a bit, I have Judge Mathew Harter from Las Vegas. Without our PC I would never get to see my child. She has assisted me with the abduction, and the other parents’ non compliance. With out a PC my child would be even more damaged than she is now.

    • shannen says:

      Judge Mathew Harter IS CORRUPT!!!! He passes the buck to a PC so he doesn’t have to do the work!! that is all a “parenting coordinator” is good for!! They are allowed to make MAJOR DECISIONS in regards to you and your child/children! Please speak up and do not allow this to happen!!! If you get DEBORAH ROBERTS as a parenting coordinator….you are screwed!!! she is very biased towards whichever party has the best story!!!

  5. Ella says:

    Can anyone please
    help me to find a good PC in Las Vegas?

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