Dating during divorce

A surprising number of searches that lead to this blog ask the question “when can I date after filing for divorce?” The short answer is that Nevada is a “no fault” state so you are not required to show fault in order to be granted a divorce – you only have to live apart for more than a year or show “incompatibility”.

The more difficult question is whether flaunting your dating behavior is more likely to a) cause your spouse to launch hugely expensive legal proceedings to “punish” you or b) cause the judge to think you are the “bad guy” and rule against you on major issues (which pretty much means alimony as child support and property division are formula-based).

The best divorce is an uncontested divorce where everything is agreed up front, you don’t go to court, and you don’t spend a fortune on lawyers. You can be done in a matter of days or weeks. In this case, I would strongly recommend not dating. On the other hand, if your spouse has already pulled the “nuclear” option by contesting the divorce and the case is dragging on for months and years then dating probably has more upside than downside.

Two points of warning: 1) try to understand what went wrong in your marriage and fix it (the failure rate for second marriages is higher than the first and you don’t want to make the same mistake twice) and 2) your new partner might not like the amount of time you need to spend dealing with your divorce proceedings.


2 Responses to Dating during divorce

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