Preference Theory

I just finished reading a fascinating article on gender inequality by Catherine Hakim of the London School of Economics. The bottom line is that:

“Preference theory predicts that men will retain their dominance in the labor market, politics, and other competitive activities, because only a minority of women are prepared to prioritize their jobs (or other competitive activities) in the same way as men. In the long run, it is work-centered people who are most likely to become high achievers in demanding occupations (Hakim 2006).”

It seems that sociology is picking up on Warren Farrell’s message on why men earn more.

Hakim goes on to write: “It is time to accept that the equal opportunities revolution has served its purpose, and the feminist goal of 50/50 sex ratios in all occupations and jobs is unrealistic, given the diversity of tastes, values, and preferences among men and women. Social engineering attempts to impose identical outcomes and eliminate occupational segregation completely cannot succeed, being based on selective research evidence and incorrect assumptions.”


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