Powerless Fathers

Glenn Sacks reports on the case of a UK judge who concludes that fathers are powerless against vengeful mothers (originally reported in the UK’s Daily Telegraph).

The man’s 14-year-old daughter, who cannot been identified, had been influenced by a “drip, drip, drip of venom” from his ex-wife, who wanted to deny him his paternal rights.

Lord Justice Ward said the case was bordering on the scandalous but the court was compelled to act in the interests of the child.

Because of her mother’s “viciously corrupting” influence, it would cause the teenager too much distress if she spent time with her father, he said.

In London’s Civil Appeal Court, Lord Justice Ward said: “The father complains bitterly, passionately, and with every justification, that the law is sterile, impotent and utterly useless.

”But the question is ‘what can this court do?’ The answer is nothing.”

This generated some sad tales and interesting perspectives on Sacks’ blog, including this one by Tim O’Brien:

You’re saying that it’s too hard and too traumatic to change custody for that kid. So you’re saying that the status quo — living with a mom who ONLY puts her own needs above her child — is somehow better?! In the short term, yes it’s incredibly difficult, but in the long term all you’re doing is putting off this kid dealing with her mother’s abuse until she’s 30.

Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

And also, had they upheld the law early on, the situation wouldn’t be as dire as it is. The reason these women interfere with custody is because THEY KNOW there will be no consequences, no risk.

and this disturbing tale by stillsober34:

The mother of my child made many false accusations and alleged that I was a drunken, doped up father, incapable of taking care of my child 7 years ago. With an ex-parte court appointment (that I was never aware of), she gained temporary sole physical custody that was to return to normal “visitation” after several “supervised visitation” visits and a drug assessment for both parents. I complied, paid the fees to do supervised visitation as ordered, but the ex simply refused to participate. I tried using the “self help” window available at the family court house, but it is somewhat useless. I had no money for a lawyer because of overwhelming child support payments and a low income. I did what I could and sent letters, and made lots of calls to try and talk to both the Ex, and my child, but the letters and calls were never returned. Six years later, I managed to make enough money to pay off the back child support arrears, amounting to about $6,000.00. The ex immediately took this money, hired another lawyer and had her new husband file a petition to terminate my parental rights (to adopt my child) for the reason that I haven’t tried to contact my child in the last twelve months. It didn’t occur to me to send the letters certified, so I have no proof. The judge dismissed the petition initially, but the ex and her attorney demanded a full trial. Now, after 11 months of therapists, evaluators, and court dates for trial pushed out 5 times, I still have the burden of proof to say I tried to contact my child, when all this time she was kept from me. I am now in debt for another $16,000.00 for all of this, and my now 12 year old daughter hates my guts because all she knows is what her mother has told her. I have a therapist interviewing everyone involved to try to prove my child was alienated, but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Even if I “win” and manage to keep my right to be a Father intact, I face the overwhelming task of regaining the love and trust of my child. I love my kid, but I wish that I had never procreated in the first place. My life has been one of poverty, pain and hell for 8 years now. People wonder why Fathers are angry? It is difficult to continue to fight the good fight and remember the reasons for it. How many Dads just give up the fight, knowing they can’t win?
Like it or not, the feminist machine is wrong. Parental Alienation is real. Look up “Malicious Mother Syndrome”, it reads like a resume for my ex wife. No feminist knows the real pain of continuous grieving for a lost child. I am not even allowed to tell my child the truth (provided I could even speak to her). There is no Patriarchy. It has been dead a long time, and just like Elvis, no matter how many times it is mentioned, it isn’t coming back to life. Welcome to the MATRIARCHY gentlemen. What now? How much pain can we take before justice is served?


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