Having the right attitude…

Here is a slightly cynical take on the Family Court system by DanH over on a Glenn Sacks blog post:

1. Keep cool and keep your head and your wits about you.
2. Men only find this site AFTER they have had the crap kicked out of them.
3. In Family Court and in front of any state family agency, you have zero constitutional protection or rights and you are presumed totally guilty by 100 miles before anyone opens their mouth.
4. Judges, prosecutors, and others will totally ignore black-and-white law if necessary to make you guilty.
5. The woman can lie through her teeth, be proven to be a total liar but not be held accountable for it, and you are still adjudicated guilty.
6. You will never see a dime of what you pay out, no matter who wins, who was proven wrong, or who did what.
7. Family Court (and bankruptcy) attorneys are the dumping ground for D+ attorneys who cannot make it where the real money is. Interview ten (10) before you make your selection from the top two.
8. Try to sue in Superior Court for everything you need done instead of Family Court.
9. She will get free legal representation and you will pay every dime of yours.
10. If she moves to a different state, you start from scratch, including new lawyers and new legal fees from ground zero.
11. Figure about 2 years to get this straightened out.
12. Please make a contribution to the California Alliance for Families and Children (http://www.cafcusa.org/contribution.aspx). They have the only registered state lobbyist (Michael Robinson) in the United States of America working to stop the anti-male, anti-husband, and anti-father laws getting enacted and reversing those already on the books. It’s run on a shoestring and needs all the help we can give to keep them pounding away for us.


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